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A group for all art! Welcome!!^^
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can someone tell me the difference between mlp and hooved(not mlp)
Sat Aug 19, 2017, 4:09 PM
HELLO how are ya?
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of course you can SHOUT! :D
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hey look its a shout box does that mean i can sHOUT
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life is spending time making designs to make points to spend those points on more designs
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cutevulpix56 has started a donation pool!
24,738 / 1
I'd like to save up for a Premium Membership of sorts, contest prizes, auction, be able to adopt, or commission someone :meow:

Please feel free to use this for payment of adoptions, commissions, or if you're just feeling particularly generous - every little bit counts, helps, and is greatly appreciated by me!

Thank you so much for the help! :aww:

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When getting dressed for the day, you: 

25 deviants said Put your pants/shorts/skirt/etc on before your shirt
21 deviants said Put your shirt on before your pants/shorts/skirt/etc


[PA] Party Like It's Your Birthday
"...Blow the angry rainbow candle out!"

Because it's Pride Month I decided to spice up the grumpy boyo's birthday picture with more flame-test pranks

Granted he hates it, but what else is new? :XD:

Exp breakdown:
headshot - 5exp
shaded - 5exp
Simple background - 5exp

Total: 15exp

Please put the exp towards the grumpy birthday boi



Hiko and artwork (c) cutevulpix56
Title inspired by: "Party Like it's Your Birthday" by Studio Killers:…
Heya guys-
In a bit of a depressive swell rn because I'm not on my prescription that keeps everything in-check (it's a long story, but it couldn't've be avoided in this case unfortunately)

I'll try and work up the energy to get to replying to things as much as I can, so I'm sorry if responses are a bit delayed

Thanks for your patience and support guys 
[PA] Springtime
I am garbage at titles--

Giftart for SpaceAsylum of their cute lil deerling Clover! Been meaning to draw this adorable kiddo for a while now - I hope you like it! :aww:

Exp breakdown:
headshot - 5exp
shaded - 5exp
Simple background - 5exp

Total: 15exp

Please put the exp towards my grumpy ponyta Hiko ^^



Clover (c) SpaceAsylum
artwork (c) cutevulpix56
Breedable Adopts Semi-OTA (4/6 OPEN)
I'm currently reworking my TOS and descriptions, so please bare with me while I work on that construction especially as I get back into the swing of things ^^;

Accepted forms of payment:
-PayPal (Preferred!)
-Art offers may be used as an add-on only (*note: I may be picky and still prefer higher currency offers instead if given)

-The way that this is going to work this time around, is I will give a general price range for what I would like for each design. Listing a higher price will more likely get you the design you want.
-I will prioritize PayPal right now since I'm trying to get some funds onto my spotless new account, so points payment will be higher automatically.
-THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY FIRST-COME-FIRST-SERVED! If you want to raise an offer on a design, even if they put the max listed price, you MAY DO SO by replying TO that person
-Please be kind to others in the comments, other customers and myself included
-Please respond to the specific comments provided
-You may not just "back out" of a payment if I choose your offer. Failure to provide the payment for the design you offered for without a good reason (ie- out of town, sick, etc), may result in me giving it to someone else. Repeatedly doing this may result in you being blacklisted
. I'm a fair and patient gal, but I get taken advantage of with stuff like that and I've had it XD
-That being said I CAN do holds - 48 hours should be fine, but we can certainly negotiate another time period if needed :)
-I severely undercut my prices on my designs. Please be fair and remember that 100pts = about only $1 USD. I earn far more than that hourly at my normal job. I have food to be able to pay for. If I'm repeatedly low-balled by you a lot I will be less likely to accept your offers. Keep that in mind.
-I retain my right to refuse an offer for any reason for any person

Adoptable Rules:
You may NOT resell, trade, gift, etc them, if you no longer wish to keep them please notify me and I'll happily take them back (if you end up wanting to get rid of them and have PAID art with them, I can TRY my best to accommodate for the art payment when they're returned to me. Otherwise I can refund your purchased price in POINTS. I cannot guarantee PayPal refunds yet)
You may adjust the design however you wish so long as it stays relatively recognizable
Feel free to give them accessories and other fun stuff <3
Credit me for the design upon the first upload of a drawing of them 
Pleaaaase tag me for stuff they're in! I'd love to see <33
You may NOT make ANY Profit off of my designs! This includes but may not be limited to: adopts, breedables, YCH slots WITH them included in it (ie- picture with, etc), merchandise, etc. Doing this will result in being placed permanently on my semi-public blacklist and have no ability of adopting from or commissioning me again

100:points: = ~$1 USD

'Minimum I'm willing to sell' amount - to - 'This will probably be almost immediately accepted' amount

#1) Nightlight - OPEN - Owner: -
PayPal: $1.00 - $3.00    /   Points: 200 - 400

#2) Deep Sunset - OPEN - Owner: - 
PayPal: $1.00 - $3.00   /   Points: 175 - 300

#3) Silvermint - CLOSED/KEEPING - cutevulpix56

#4) Silver Dusk - CLOSED - Frequine ($2 USD)

#5) Swampy Fumes - OPEN - Owner:
PayPal: $1.00 - $2.50   /   Points: 125 - 200

#6) Mossy Twilight - OPEN - Owner: - 
PayPal: $1.00 - $3.00   /   Points: 200 - 400

Base by k-illers
All designs above by cutevulpix56


cutevulpix56's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Commissions - Under construction/Ask me
Collabs - Closed
Gifts - Closed
Trades - Closed
Requests - Closed
Kiribans - Currently Closed

DO NOT ask me about me selling or trading you an adopt that I've bought. I will ALWAYS answer no.
DO NOT ask me for art trades with you UNLESS you are an EXTREMELY close friend of mine. Otherwise the answer is no.
DO NOT ask me to RP with you. ESPECIALLY if I either don't know you or barely know you. If you persist after I say no I will probably just block you. It makes me uncomfortable.
PLEASE do not come to me and ask me to stop bidding on or purchasing designs. It's extremely rude and none of your business.

You do not have to thank me for watches, favorites, llamas, you're welcome! If I have it's because you deserve it!
You can if you really want to though
Heya! So after multiple people inquired about my commissions for various things, I figured I'd toss this out there to anyone that is interested in commissioning me

I am primarily seeking PayPal (in USD) over points for now, so PP will have the more favorable price listed. Once I have a more solid PP balance rather than nothing in it due to it being new, I will list both PP and Points rates to be equal

(My proper Commission TOS is still in the works, however I will reference my Breedable Commissions TOS as the most similar to it is supposed to be. If there are any questions regarding certain things that I haven't listed yet, please feel free to ask me :) )

Breedable Commissions:

>Simple to Semi-Complex breeds: $2.50-$4  /  300-500:points:
>Semi-Complex to Complex breeds: $4.50-$8  /  500-900:points:
   - Additional Foals: 0 (standard, no fee),
                              2 foals - +20% of the commission price
                              4 foals - +40% of the commission price
                              6 foals - +60% of the commission price
Number of Foals Total:

Custom Commissions:
>Simple: $3-$4.50  /  350-500:points:
>Complex: $6-8  /  650-850:points:
    - Additional items: Very small (earrings, necklace) - free, no charge
                                Small (beaded necklaces, bracelets) - + $0.50 / 50:points:
                                Medium (stockings, large jewelry) - + $1 / 100:points:
                                Large (large clothes, complex outfits, armor) - + $1.50 / 150:points:

I can do some CS customs as well:
>Cottonmouths - flat $4 / 500:points:
>GlassBottlePonies - range from $3-8 / 400-900:points: depending on rarity

Have a ton of examples (listed from simple to complex) :
pastel unicorn custom for Wentz98 by cutevulpix56 dainty unicorn custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 Bat pony custom for SpaceMina by cutevulpix56 Steampunk Pony Custom For Missklang by cutevulpix56 Sparkle Pop - GBP custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 Tropical Hawaiian Punch GBP - custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 Custom for Asayyu by cutevulpix56 sparklebutt - custom for Blumydia (redo) by cutevulpix56

Custom Type:
Anything else?:

Rebasing Designs:
Pretty simple - this option lets me put a design you have onto another base ^^ I'm actually surprised that a few people asked if I'd be doing something like this, so here's the option! XD

>Very Simple designs (few colors, simple hairstyle or pattern, etc) : $1 / 150:points:
>Simple (some patterns/details) - $1.50 / 200:points:
>Semi-Complex (very detailed, might have some accessories) - $2.50 / 300:points:
>Complex (incredibly detailed, lots of colors, heavily accessorized, etc) - $3.50 / 400:points:
        -Altering the design ranges from $0.50/50:points: - $1.50/150:points: depending on complexity 
        -**If you want a design on a base I have to P2U, you must provide for partial payment for me to use it if it's more than 100:points:

Examples: Many found in my Breedables folder listed above

Design you have:
Base you want your design on:
Any changes you want?:

(Artwork Commissions will be added once I have more solid examples listed on my page)
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